Technology and awareness meet

What is Prohak?

Propak is proud to host a showcase of what is possible – a first step toward an even broader aspiration. We’ve broken into two teams of developers and provided a challenging goal with only a short period to accomplish it. Our solutions will be driven by technology and a spirit of partnership with two very worthy causes.

You're Invited

Join us as we share our vision and celebrate the innovation of our team and partners. Together, we aim to what can be accomplished in a short period with the power of collaboration, dedication, and a spirit of service.


What social issue do we want to address? What problem are we going to solve?


How can creative technology be used to solve this problem? What will the prototype look like?


Go to work! Build a prototype at warp speed that can be shared publicly at the end of the hackathon.


Host an event at demonstrate the prototype.

Hosted By


1100 Garrison Ave, Fort Smith, AR